heavy trigger warnings for rape.

all right, I’ve calmed down enough to post this, and hell fuckin’ no I ain’t blurrin’ out names. 

hi my name is rachael, and this is why feminism is still needed. I have nothing else to say.

yooooo if you wanna know what the fuck i was so mad about, read the following and spread it please!!

this is physically painful to read oh my fucking god

literally about to vomit

they… what… i can’t… people actually say real things like this and believe them?? i’m so disgusted; these are disgusting. they’re completely wrong about everything they say and just…wow. i can’t. 


“Get over it” = Stop having a valid reaction to your trauma. Stop thinking. Stop being a person. Don’t you understand that he left you for dead?

“Boo hoo you can’t get over a traumatic experience”


Kylah Hill is so desperate for male approval that she laughs at another woman’s rape. Now there’s a cock worshipping handmaiden if I ever saw one.

….so … im waiting for the reblog vigilante justice….you have their names.

I’m actually about to throw up. This is honestly one of the worst things I have ever read.

(via ohheichou)


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